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1965-1968 Mustang & Cougar Kick Panels in Vinyl (black) w/speaker & tweeter pods





Now get better sound from your kick panels with our new kick panel and its speaker and tweeter pods. (Speakers are not included, speaker holes will not be pre-cut)

As if that isn't enough to be able to put a speaker pod in your kick panels, MP PRODUCTS has molded a section for tweeters (can be dyed to any color) For a better quality sound. Made from ABS Plastic and vinyl covered.

Over all this is a great looking piece that will give your car modern looking upgrade.


Speaker holes will not be cut out.  Speaker pod diameter measures 6 1/2 " , has 2"-3" clearance in depth (some mustangs have a hole the in the side wall where a magnet can be set in. .  I used a 1" tweeter in my kick panels which is the size of the tweeter itself.  The Bezel of the tweeter extends 2 3/8" which is perfect fit.  So when looking for a tweeter keep this in mind.


PAINTING:  We recommend Colorbond spray for easy painting.  Just clean with alcohol and spray. Do not clean with acetone as it will distort the texture.  Color bond is used on most repro parts and have orginal colors available.  Similar paints and dyes are carried by most Mustang retailers.

Mustang Kick Panels w/Speaker & Tweeter Pods in Vinyl

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