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Why not make your classic Mustang look like a new Mustang? This aftermarket Vinyl-covered ABS gauge cluster goes on top of the dash between the defroster openings. It comes with two vents (one on each side) to allow for ventilation of the defroster. We can make up to three gauge pods of 2" or we can make it plain, without gauge pods, so you can use it for something else. Please indicate how many gauge holes you want when paying in the "Notes" section of Paypal. If you do not let us know how many you want, we will send you a plain one (without gauge holes).


All our parts can easily painted or dyed to any color. We have personally used Colorbond spray. It is quick and easy just clean with alcohol (do not clean w/ acetone), and spray evenly.

Mustang Dash Grille Gauge Pods 1965-1966

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