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Original Bezel with MP Gauges!!

Gauge sizes:

4 3/4" Speedometer

4 3/4" Tachometer

2 1/4" Oil

2 1/4" Temperature

2 1/4" Fuel

Gauges are made to fit original 5-Gauge Bezel

For use with your own wiper switch. Looking for an original 5 gauge bezel? Look at this 1967-1968 Complete gauge set with White Gauges. PROGRAMMABLE SPEEDO and complete wire harness. Instructions are Included.

Programmable features: - fuel gauge will work with original sending unit. Saves customer from having to drill a hole in their gas tank .

"How does an electronic speedometer work with my 67/68?"

Normally on a mechanical speedo a cable attaches from the transmission to the gauge. This cable rotates. The rotation of the cable is interpreted by the speedo to give you your speed. On an electronic speedo, a pulse generator (included with gauge) is attached to the transmission and is connected to the speedo via a wire. The pulse generator will send electronic pulses to the speedo which is then interpreted into your speed reading. -comes with wire harness, push button (already wired), speed indicator light (already wired), oil and temp sending units and adapters.

-Programmable: Meaning that the speedometer is electronic and all calibration is programmed in with push button that can be mounted within a 1' of the bezel. - Calibration: Push button calibration is easy for any gear/tire size (press button, follow prompts, drive a measured mile, hit the button again and your done). Beats having to trip a number of small switches on the back of the gauge multiple times to get it right, very difficult especially while driving.(instructions will be included) -has trip odometer, hours traveled, speed warning indicator, oil change reminder, and km/miles option -Speed warning indicator: This too is mounted separately but is already wired to the gauge. Set a desired speed (ex:120mph) and when that speed is reached the LED will blink.

Mustang Complete Programmable 5 Gauge Bezel w/White Gauges 1967 or 1968

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