Product Description

1. Make sure package tray and quarter panel trims are installed and secure.

2. Make necessary trimming on quarter panels.

3. Dry-fit seat delete pieces, making sure pieces are in the right place and aligned with quarter trim panels

4. Clean edge of package tray with alcohol where seat delete meets. Do this to the quarter trims as well.

5. Apply self-tapping screws to bottom edge of top piece.

6. Remove strip from double-sided tape and secure to package tray.

7. Press firmly along that edge.

If you are using MP Products brand Quarter Trims, skip to step 10.

If you are NOT using MP Products Quarter Trims:

8. Fit bottom piece and mark where brackets need to be placed on quarter trims.

9. Once height of brackets is determined, screw onto quarter trim.

10. Remove strip from double-sided tape and carefully place bottom piece so that it is aligned.

11. Press firmly along edges to secure seat delete.