Item# MSHPLX67
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Product Description

1967 Shelby Style Tailight Panel This is our custom easy-install panel W/ LED Lights ( non-sequestial) If you have ever done one of these, you know that the original comes in two peices and requires cutting out the back of your Mustang. And of course, the panels are made from fiberglass, which makes it a pain to fit. With these custom panels we have solved two problems:

1. It is a one-piece complete panel; no cutting into the back of your car.

2. It is made from vaccum-formed Lexan 9000 Polycarbonate. (higher impact-resistant than fiberglass)

Lexan 9000 is already being used in applications such as big rig trucks and tracter body parts where high impact-resistant materials are essential. It fits great.

A Big advantage of this panel is the vacuum-formed Lexan 9000. Which is also:

1. High Impact-resistant, unlike fiberglass

2. It will not delaminate

3 Vacuum-formed which allows us to get a great fit every time vs. fiberglass, which usually doesn't fit properly and requires much trimming and grinding (And that's not taking into consideration it being warped)

This panel is an overall great product and an easy install.